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VALX Air Suspension

VALX air suspension strengths
Fuwa VALX air suspension designed by European top design team adopts the most advanced air suspension technology. Critical components 100% manufactured in Europe. It is featured with mature design, stable and reliable quality.
Effectively absorb vibration produced by the vehicle, effectively protect the goods, especially suitable for precision products and hazardous chemical transport vehicles. Vehicle height can be adjusted to adapt to the requirements of all kinds of loading and unloading platform, convenient for loading and unloading.
Uniform load distribution on all axles, the tire and road surface contact in more balance, which improves the vehicle braking performance and the stability at swerving.
Effectively protect the vehicle frame (such as tanks and cabinet), axle and tires, etc., reduce wear of parts and the vehicle maintenance cost. At no-load running, the lifting mechanism reduces tire wear and prolong the service life of tires, reduce fuel consumption at the same time.
Vehicle runs more smoothly, rearview mirror image keeps clearer, driving becomes more comfortable, lighten the driving fatigue.

European leading air suspension technology
VALX air suspension spring revolutionarily applies forging + 3D forming technology, better than other European brands sold in domestic regarding the better tenacity and higher stability. It can maximally protect the goods and reduce the stress on the axle.
High quality airbag developed with Firestone, imported from European original plant, the life is 20% longer than the common air bag in domestic market. Airbag has built-in rubber buffer block, which ensures the vehicle can smoothly drive at low speed to the maintenance service point in an emergency situation.
The shock absorber developed jointly by Fuwa and Al - Ko has built-in limit device, which does not need limit belt. The absorber applies special seals and the operating temperature range is: - 40 ℃ ~ + 160 ℃.
Axle lifting mechanism of compact design provides stronger lifting force, and effectively increases the clearance from the ground. It is connected by bolt, the installation can be carried out in 5 minutes.
VALX air suspension is equipped with a full range of pneumatic control system with perfect compatibility of all pneumatic components, which provides excellent performance. Height control valve, pressure protection valve and pressure limiting valve, etc. are produced by WABCO.

Thoroughly comprehensive test and wide range applications
All critical components of VALX air suspension of are manufactured in Europe with skillful process, and the quality keeps consistent.
Both components and air suspension assembly passed bench fatigue test that is equivalent of 1 million km(vertical load test, rolling load test and lateral load test, etc.) and over 1 million kilometers of road test in Europe.
VALX air suspension + axle product portfolio have become a standard configuration of European trailer factories, and gained consistent approval of European large logistics companies.
Since entering the China market, VALX suspension experienced the test of all kinds of transportation conditions in China. There is a variety of products to choose from, such as for tank vehicle, van, and car transporter, etc.
Technical Parameters Other

Note:other offset parameters are:30、45、50、60、75、90。

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